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Thursday, 6 April 2017

TS Vidya Volunteers Recruitment Notification 2017

Recruitment of Telangana Vidya Volunteers (Academic Instructors) 2017  V.V's in all management schools for the academic year 2016-17 TS Recruitment TS Vidya Volunteers (Academic Instructors) 2017 Guidelines.
Recruitment of  Telangana Vidya Volunteers Selection List Dist Wise 2017 


Recruitment of 9335 TS Vidya Volunteers (Academic Instructors) 2016-17 District Wise Telangana Teachers Latest Posts

O R D E R:-

          In the circumstances reported by the Director of School Education (DSE), Telangana, Hyderabad in the references 2nd & 5th read above, after careful examination of the matter Government hereby accord permission to the DSE, Telangana, Hyderabad to engage the services of (9335) (Nine Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty Five) Vidya Volunteers with an Honorarium of Rs.8000/-(Rupees Eight Thousand only) per month in the Academic Year 2016-17.

2)          The DSE will allot the number of Vidya Volunteers to be engaged District wise, based on the Enrolment Data of the Schools  for the Academic Year 2016-17 and by taking into account the regular Teachers working, the vacancies available and based on the norms issued vide G.O.Ms.No.11, School Education (SER-II) Department dated 15.6.2015 about rationalisation of the Teacher posts and Staff under various managements viz., Government, Zilla Parishad and Mandal Praja Parishad Schools.

3)      In the reference 3rd read above, the Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad had informed that due to non-availability of regular Teachers in the Schools in the districts, he has permitted the District Educational Officers to engage the services of 1606 (One Thousand, Six Hundred and Six) Vidya Volunteers, through School Management Committees where there are no regular Teachers  available in the Schools on the day of the reopening of the Schools i.e 13.06.2016 for the Academic Year 2016-17 and  requested the Government to ratify/ confirm  the action taken in the matter.

4)      In the reference 4th  read above, the Government  ratified the action of            the  Director of School Education in  permitting the District Educational Officers in the State to engage the services of (1606) Vidya Volunteers through School Management Committees  in  the Schools, where there are no regular Teachers available for the  year  2016-17.
5)     Based on the reference 5th read above, the Director of School Education, Telangana Hyderabad is requested to follow the Guidelines enclosed to this G.O. as Annexure scrupulously in engaging the services of the Vidya Volunteers for the Academic Year 2016-17 
6)         The DSE, Telangana, Hyderabad shall take necessary action  in the matter accordingly.

7)   This Order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (EBS.IV) Department vide their U.O.No.7019/138/EBS.IV/SE/2016, dt.22.06.2016.

  ANNEXURE to the G.O.Rt.No.97, SE(Prog.I) Department ,dt:29.06.2016


1.    The services of Vidya Volunteers will be engaged from 16th July, 2016 to 20th April, 2017 in the Schools as approved by the District Collector concerned. Their services are purely temporary and can be terminated before  20th  April, 2017 also,  based on justifiable grounds,  by the School  Management Committees (SMCs).

2.    The services of Vidya Volunteers shall be engaged to ensure regular functioning of the Schools .

3.    Candidates should have completed 18 years of age and upper age limit is 44 years as on 1st July, 2016.  (5) years relaxation is given in case of SCs / STs /BCs and (10) years for  Physical Challenged persons.

4.    Unit of roster  is a District. As per the sanctioned number of Vidya Volunteers for the Acadenuc Year 2016-17, the District Educational Officer (DEO) shall allot roster points first to the Mandal  by arranging the Mandals  in English alphabetical order. Later,  in the Mandal he will arrange  habitations in English alphabetical Order.  Example is given below:-

Name of the District


No. of Habitations

No. Vidya Volunteers Allotted

Roster Point

(    )Acchampet

(    )Amrabad
A   Habitation(    )
B   Habitation(    )
A   Habitation(    )
B   Habitation(    )
1 to 4
5 to 7
8 to 10
11 & 12

5.    The DEO shall communicate the list of Schools along with roster points to the  Mandal Educational Officers concerned  for engaging the Vidya Volunteers.  The Mandal Educational Officers in turn shall display the details on the  Notice Boards of the Mandal Resource Centers, Primary Schools ,Upper Primary Schools, High Schools and all  Gram Panchayats in the Mandal.  The District Educational Officer shall give a Press Note stating that the eligible Candidates shall apply  online and display the details  on his website.

6.    The  Candidates  shall apply online and submit a signed print out of the application he/she uploaded along with the Certificates required to the Mandal Educational Officer of the Mandal to which  he/she applied within the time specified.  The Mandal Educational Officer  shall cause verification of the applications with reference to the  Certificates enclosed and submit the same to the District Educational Officer  duly countersigned.   Copies of the Certificates to be enclosed are as follows :-

i) Copies of the SSC, Intermediate, Graduation, Post Graduation ,D.Ed., B.Ed., TET , Pandit Training, Oriental Title/ Bhasha Praveena/ Vidhwan along with Marks Memo.

ii)             Local Candidate Certificate or Study Certificate  issued by the Tahasildar .

iii)            Caste Certificate issued by the Tahasildar ( Local Tribe Certificate in case of Agency area) .

iv)            Physically Challenged Certificate ( SADAREM ).

7.  Engaging of Vidya Volunteers in Agency area shall be from local ST Candidates only. If local ST Candidates are not available,  then other ST Candidates from Agency Area and later non-ST candidates residing in the Agency area shall be considered .

8.    The following are the Educational Qualifications required  for engaging Vidya Volunteers:-

a)    For Primary Schools(Classes I to V):

Intermediate with  D.Ed.  In case of non availability of Candidates with D.Ed,  B.Ed Candidates may be considered.

b)    For Upper Primary & Secondary Schools(Classes VI to X):

      Graduation with B.Ed.


c)    For Languages in Upper Primary & Secondary Schools(Classes VI to X):

i.              Graduation in the language concerned as optional and Pandit Training or  B.Ed., in the relevant methodology.
ii.             Post Graduation in the language concerned with Pandit Training/ B.Ed. with relevant methodology.
iii.            Oriental Title/ Bhasha Praveena/ Vidhwan  in the Language concerned or its equivalent with Pandit Training/B.Ed in the relevant methodology.
9.    The following weightage shall be given to the eligible Candidates who have applied to work as  Vidya Volunteer:-

I.              For Primary level:-

a)  Intermediate                             -      30%  weightage on total marks secured
b) D.Ed.                                         -      30%  weightage on total marks secured
c) Study in English Medium (EM) -     10 % weightage on total marks secured
     at two levels                                   
    (X and Intermediate)                 -       (5% for study in E/M at one level)
d) Teacher Eligibility Test Paper I  -      20 % weightage on total marks secured
e) Graduation                                 -     10 % weightage on total marks secured

II.            For Upper Primary & Secondary level:-

a) Graduation/Oriental Title             -    30% weightage on total marks secured
b) B.Ed./Pandit Training                   -    30% weightage on total marks secured
c) Study in English Medium (EM)    -- 10% weightage on total marks secured
       at  two levels                             
    (X and Intermediate)                    -   (5% for study in E/M at one level)
d) Teacher Eligibility Test Paper II   - 20 % weightage on total marks secured
e) Post Graduation  in the relevant   - 10 % weightage on total marks secured
10)    If weightages of two or more Candidates are equal, qualification and then age shall be taken into consideration for arriving at the order of Candidates in the merit list.

11)  Mandal is the unit for engaging  of Vidya Volunteers  basing on the roster points allotted to the Mandal.  Merit lists shall be generated for each Mandal.  As far as possible, Candidates belonging to the same Mandal shall be engaged as Vidya Volunteer.  If qualified Candidate is not available for a particular roster point in the Mandal, Candidates from the other roster points may be taken from the same Mandal. For Example  If no ST (W) Candidate is available in the Mandal, ST (General) may be  considered . If no ST candidate is available in the Mandal, SC (W) may be considered . If no SC (W) Candidate is available in the Mandal , SC (G) may be considered . If no SC candidate  is available in the Mandal,  following sequence shall be followed BC-A (W), BC-A (G), BC-B(W), BC-B(G), BC-C(W), BC-C (G),BC-D(W), BC-D (G), BC-E(W),      BC-E(G) , OC(W), OC(G). In case of non-availability of candidates for Ex.Servicemen quota/ PHC quota in the Mandal,  Candidates from Open Completion list may be considered.

12)  The Candidates  shall be identified to be engaged as Vidya Volunteers based on the following preferences:-

a)    Natives  of the village shall be given first preference.

b)    Candidates from adjacent village in the same Mandal shall be given 2nd preference.

c)    If the Candidates are not available in that particular village/ adjacent village, then the candidates from General Merit List of the Mandal shall be considered basing on the merit duly taking options from the Candidates.

d)    If Candidates are not available in the Mandal, same category of Candidates from neighbouring  Mandals (having common borders) may be considered based on merit.

e)    The selected Vidya Volunteers shall given an undertaking to the  SMCs that they shall stay in the Headquarters.


13).    The DEO  shall place the merit list of the Candidates for approval of the District Level Committee comprising the following:-
            a) District Collector                             -           Chairman
            b) Project Officer, ITDA                     -           Member
            c) Addl.Joint Collector                                    -           Member
            d) Chief ExecutiveOfficer, ZP            -           Member
            e) District Educational Officer                        -           Member Secretary

14).      The District Collector shall  oversee the entire process of engaging these Vidya Volunteers duly considering the Vidya Volunteers  already engaged as per the references     3rd & 4th  cited in the G.O.  They shall decide based on the enrolment status in  the  Schools as on 30.06.2016;  the  regular Teachers available;  vacancies available and also based on  the rationalization norms indicated in the G.O.Ms.No.11, Education (Ser.II) Department, dt:15.06.2015 and G.O.Ms.No.17, Education (Ser.II) Department dt:27.06.2015 about  the  number  of Vidya Volunteers required.  After finalization of the Lists of Vidya Volunteers by the District Level Committee, the same shall be communicated to the Mandal Educational Officers for onward  communication to the School Management Committees for engaging the  services of the Vidya Volunteers in the Schools  Any grievances on these Final  Lists   shall be considered  in Appeal by  the Director of  School Education within a week from the date of publication of these  Lists by   the  SMCs.
15)         The Cluster Head Master concerned shall be given the responsibility to coordinate with the SMCs concerned to  engage  the services of the Vidya Volunteers.  The SMC concerned  will enter into an Agreement with the Vidya Volunteer in the prescribed format,  which is   to be forwarded by the DSE to all the DEOs.

16)   The District Collector shall draw a detailed Schedule for completing the selection of the Vidya Volunteers and communicate the List  of Vidya Volunteers to the  MEOs by  12th July,2016 and the MEOs shall complete the verification process and furnish the List to the SMCs by 15th July,2016, so as to engage the services of the Vidya Volunteers by the  SMCs from 16th July,2016  for  the Academic Year 2016-17

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