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Monday, 26 December 2016

Telangana TS SSC 2017 Exam Centres Guidelines

Telangana TS RC 151 SSC 2017 Exam Centres Guidelines GOVERNMENT TELANGANA Sub:  SSC Public Examinations,  March 2017-Constitution of Examination Centers Certain instructions Guidelines-lssued Reg


Telangana TS RC 151 SSC 2017 Exam Centres Guidelines:

 Dr.  R.  Surender Reddy,                                                                All the District Educational Officers,
   M.Sc.,  Ph.D.,  M.EdDirector of
Government Examinations,
  Telangana State:  Hyderabad                                                                                                                   in the Telangana State
                                                       Rc No.151/ B-  2/2016, dated:21-12-2016
Sir Madam,
Sub:  SSC Public Examinations,  March 2017-Constitution of Examination Centers Certain instructions Guidelines-lssued Reg
.This office letter on Rc.No.151/B -2/2015,  dt:  17-11-2015.    Rc-No 398/Ser. ll- I/2016,  Proceeding  of the Director of School Education,  Telangana Hyderabad,  dated.12-11-2016 
With reference to the subject cited,  I wish to inform you that the examination centers are being constituted by you for conducting the ssc exams in the district.  But every year adverse press reports are appearing on the non availability of furniture and other infrastructural facilities.  Even there are instances of parents approaching court of law in this regard
l therefore request you to follow the guidelines given below while constituting the ssc Examination centers for March 2017,  and not to constitute the previous ssc Examination centers as a matter of routine,  without verifying whether the e having the required infrastructure facilities or not.
 The existing centers need not necessarily be tuted as examination centers as a matter of routine.  Old centers which are not g adequate infrastructure facilities may be replaced with new ones which are h ter facilitiesTherefore,  District Educational rs/Deputy Educational officers and Mandal Educational Officers may be vis all the Examination centers of his jurisdiction and inspect the infrastructure ava constitute the school as an examination center(.e Number of Rooms,  suffice furniture,  Electricity,  Water facility,  Toilets,  etc.  which are having more infrastructural f ties irrespective of the management of the school  a)  Constitution of Examination centers as far as possible in Government Management Schools only,  i.e.,  Government High Schools,  z P.  High Schools,  Residential Schools(TsREIS,  TSBWREIS,  TSSWREIS, TSTWEIS Model Schools,  KGBv Schools.  If no Government Management Schools are available in this Examinations zones,  the Government Junior Colleg s and Private Aided Schools also be constituted b)  The schools which are having ccTV cameras facilities may be preferred,  while constituting the Exam Centers they are having requisite all other facilityThe Government Junior Colleges may also be constituting as Centers if they are having a facilities,  with obtaining prior written undertaking of the Principals and concerned authorities   Ts el Schools,  KGBVschools etc,  school have came into existence,  this Schools also be constituted as center if necessary,  if they are having requisite all other faculties   If private schools need to be constituted,  the same may be intimated correspondent concerned to the schools the chief superintendent to hand over the schools building and other infrastructure to concerned two days before the commencement of ssc Public Examinations,  duly obtaining the written undertaking from the School Management well in advance.  Inspite of strict instructions,  old and dilapidated bulldings were constituted as centres fot Examination Centres,  the concern Dy.E.Os,  M.E.Os and D.E.Os are held personally responsible.  Hence they are instructed not to constitute dilapidated building as Exam centres.
  NOTE:  Therefore DEO's are requested to bestow their personal attention in this regard.  lf any problem arises with regard to inadequacy of the infrastructure,  they will be held personally responsible.

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